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Villa 459 - Chocolate Hole - St. John Virgin Islands

April & May 2016


The new lot... how it measures up

Harley is trying to get a lay of the land and potential siting of the house. Of course, this will be a lot easier once all that bush is out of the way! The excavator should make small work of that soon enough! Lots of exposed stones laying around the property, which is a good thing since we are building out of stone. Great having building materials already on the property! We are all ready to get going (except for formalities)! We should have the plans back from the engineer later this month. Then on to the homeowner's association for review and approval. And then finally, plan approval from the VI Dept. of Planning & Natural Resources (NPNR). All toll, barring any hiccups or delays, we should be breaking ground sometime this summer. So don't despair if the blog is a little slow for now. As we say in the islands, "Soon Come"!


Plans in Progress

We had another meeting with Paul, our engineer extraordinaire. Harley and Paul look serious... don't they? We're finializing lots of details! I sit in on these meetings but what do I know about bond beams, simpson strong ties and sheathing schedules... not a thing. I just hang around to make sure everything looks pretty. Like the little trellis for hanging orchids outside my bath/spa :)


Bromelia Pinguin

Our lot is jam packed with what we call "false pineapples" as they really do look like a pineapple plant. They are very unfriendly with their stiff barbed leaves. I've seen them used a natural fence to keep the roaming goats and deers at bay. And if I am to have a garden again this is a must! So we got this wild idea to move them to the edges of the lot to start our "fence". They do flower with a cluster of edible yellow fruits... very tart and acidic. It is also said that when it rains the leaves direct the rainwater and accumulated organic matter down to the center of the plant and the water attracts mosquitoes who find an acidic bath that kills and dissolves them. Mother natures mosquito magnet.


Plans ready to go!

The plans are ready (stamped & signed) and the champange is opened... celebrating is in order! And we might as well celebrate while we are waiting for permits... it can take a while. So my updates maybe few for the next month or so. Keep your fingers crossed that is a speedy process. I would like to get going with some serious inspections, the champangne kind, of course! Cheers for now!

POSTED ON MAY 25, 2016

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